About Entrepreneurial Marketing

If you're a startup founder/entrepreneur, you know it better than anyone- entrepreneurship is nothing like any other business. It has a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and it was even studied in recent years and qualified as its own distinct category of business.

Entrepreneurial Marketing is all about taking your existing resources (not just budgets, but also size of staff or business capacity, as there's no point of overloading you with customers or tasks if you can't handle them at the moment) and making the most out of them by building a solid ground to grow on, detecting the quick wins options, and mapping the rest of the road ahead while leaning on your real-time business performance.

These different challenges, opportunities, needs, budgets, and dynamics call for a different marketing approach than the traditional prevailing approach through which well-established businesses present themselves to the market. Considerations that are usually overlooked through the lens of traditional marketing are taking center stage when it comes to entrepreneurial marketing, making it more results-oriented, data-driven, and resource-led.

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entrepreneurial marketing

a real thing ?




  • Is entrepreneurial marketing just for
    startups ?

    Not necessarily. It obviously doesn't suit large corporate or even mid-size businesses, but any business that works with an entrepreneurial set of minds / resources / challenges / goals can enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurial marketing.

  • Can I hire your services just for one
    project / task ?

    Of course! We're here to provide you with the help you need, when you need it. No contract, no obligations, and no strings attached. We’ll stick around just as long as you need us

  • Do you help B2B or B2C businesses?

    Both. We have a lot of experience working with B2B and B2C businesses and can assist you in every aspect of it (yes, even with sales-marketing support).

  • Is there a specific industry you
    work with ?

    Absolutely not! We have been working on projects that vary from a new pizza place to robotics and cryptocurrencies. In fact, the less we know about your specific industry, the better we are with providing a fresh view of the market.

  • Can you help me with executing and
    implementing the strategy ?

    We sure can. It's totally up to you to decide how best and for how long you want to utilize our help. We know that startups need flexibility, and that's exactly why we break the project down into strategy, setup, and ongoing support.

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